Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Um..... so, .....it's been a while.  It's the end of May 2014.  Michael has changed careers, I've gained a million pounds, Devin is in high school (with horrible grades) and on meds for ADD.  Emma lives with her Dad and is dating a guy and going to school.  Charlotte is dating a guy, living with her ex lesbian lover/"best friend" and her married boyfriend whom she had a baby with last Fall.  My meatball of a grandson is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  Love him without boundaries!

I can't begin to cover everything that has happened in the last 2 and a half years!  I learned to ride a horse, JT started taking Kung Fu.  The boys are in 4H and I'm crocheting bags out of bags...
Devin is 6 feet tall and weighs 130 pounds.  He just turned 15 and is still as sweet as ever!  (Emmas close, between 5'10 and 5'11" [she's on her tiptoes here])

The boys and I recently caught our first fish...

and I'm going to leave it at that for now and try to be better at this... although if you're on Facebook you won't need this page!  Keep in touch peeps!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WELCOME 2012 !!!

I am feeling positive and hopeful about the new year. I have made several resolutions... to be a better mother, to be healthier, to attend church more and more. So far my 2 days of dieting are going well.

Our Christmas was great. We had way too much to eat, everyone had gifts to open, and most importantly we were all together. I think we all had a great time.

Charlotte & Melissa and Zac came over to bring in the New Year... I didn't get any pictures of that though.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hi, remember me?

So I guess with the commonality of fb... I am not seeing the need to post here as often as I had wanted to. I am still going to post here... but it's clear that "monthly" is not going to happen. LOL. Maybe "seasonally?" I also don't have a lot pictures to post today, but I wanted to give an update since I'm not sending out "update" cards this Christmas.

We haven't been to church... having a hard time getting motivated so early on a Sunday. Tired of trying to find a place to sit that works for our family (JT needs to be able to see the interpreter without our heads getting infront of the other deaf members of the parish.) I have not been on top of JT's first Eucharist like I should be and I am not sure how to fit that in with all the other things we have going on.
4H is going well. JT has begun his learning from the guide book and Devin has made biscuits twice. The first recipe was a dud... the second was so much better and it's nice to see his pride in them. :) I've been cooking more often myself. Michael is complaining about it saying I'm the reason he's fat. .... I don't think so. I'm certainly not shoving food down his throat. Lol! :) It's just the latest obsession and I just wish food wasn't so expensive. Devins biscuits (try 1 and 2 above)

I'm still cleaning houses and feeling very blessed for the 2 houses I still have. If any family or friends need a house cleanner... I'm 25 dollars an hour.

Things are going well for Michael at work, it's been unseasonably warm and he's grateful for that. We have lost several chickens, but have 8 still and are making plans to add another coop and run to the backyard so we can split them up since the run we have is pretty small for the number of chickens we have and we think that may be part of the problem. Michael does an excellent job taking care of the chickens. We are getting still only 4 eggs a day on a good days as the Easter Eggers are late bloomers and ours are still pretty young. we should be getting plenty more eggs in the Spring. We did have our first Easter Egger, Henrietta, start laying and she lays green. I've saved all 6 shells because I think they are just so cool! :) By Easter I'll have a nice basket of green eggs to decorate with... and yes, we can have REAL green eggs and ham... I beleive that will be our Easter dinner! :)
Zac moved out in October but left his dog Micky behind. Yes, that means we have 4 dogs and their hair at the house. Unreal. I still can't figure out why they are not bald.

Charlotte is expected to graduate with her interdisciplinary bachelors degree on Saturday and we are all planning on heading down there to watch her walk across that stage. Hopefully this will bring about some change in her life that will make a difference.

Emma is either at school or at work (she is back at Del Taco) and so I get an occasional text from her. I've probably seen her 3 times in the year since she moved out and yet she only lives a mile and a half away. I miss her, but I'm glad she seems to be doing well. She's called a couple times recently and it's been great to hear her voice. I'm very proud of her too.

I decided to do a little redecorating with some stuff I already had, stored up in the attic and I fell through the ceiling and about destroyed my right knee. It's improving, but I think I did some major damage as it's been several weeks and I'm still in a significant amount of pain if I'm not very careful.

Thanksgiving was just the 4 of us (Michael, myself and the 2 boys) and was very low stress so I was grateful for that. Michael and I have recently been watching Gunsmoke on Netflix during our downtime. He's still playing the guitar as well. :)
Devins grades could be better, but he is trying and looks more and more grown up everyday. He's such a blessing to be around. He's an affectionate (huggy) kid and we truly enjoy each others company daily. JT got a new teacher and just goes to the old teacher for math and science and is doing well... I am also handling helping with his homework better and am very pleased with the new teacher and the arrangement they have. (school pictures here.)
Been talking to my buddies Colleen (whom I miss so much I can't put it into words) and Mark who is my daily sanity at this point as much as I can.
Let's see, what am I missing? ... Devin was an old wizard for Halloween (see pic above) and JT was a Zombie and took first place at our friends party. The boys LOVE Halloween, it's fun to see them so excited about holidays. That's about all I can think of to say at this point since I don't have the calendar with me... but if I go to get it, I will no doubt get sidetracked and this will be put off yet again. I'm going to add a few pictures... I hope 3 months worth isn't overwhelming. I'll try to post again as soon as possible. Love you all! Merry Christmas! (we'll be home with all our kids... and their "significant others.") yay! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

October Next Week...

Why is it that the older that I get, the faster that time goes? Amazing! I blink and months have gone by. I am sitting here trying to figure out what the heck has happened in the last 3 months. It's pretty bad when you have to check the calendar to remember what's happened in the last quarter year, isn't it? July held the dragon boat races, and JT's birthday. August held my birthday and the start of Devin's school year. September: JT started school and I was able to start figuring out the whole 4-H thing which will start in OCTOBER!

Starting with July: we went to a couple family and friends' parties over the course of the summer starting in June/July, and then attended the DragonBoat races at Sloan lake in Denver. It's a yearly event that is free to the public and although it was super hot, we had a great time. It was a very hot summer in general. There were all diffent Asian cultures represented and I love to watch the dancing. My friend Laurel died in a flood in Wyoming with her 3 beautiful daughters, leaving only her husband to survive the tradgedy. It has made it a difficult summer and I really still haven't gone a single day without thinking of her.

In August, Michael took me out to Texas Roadhouse for my 42nd birthday and I got surprised by a visit from Charlotte & Melissa. That was super nice. Zac and I share our birthday and his mom, Nadine came down to spend it with us. (I love Nadine.... awesome sister in law.) Devin started school and I forgot to take pictures, although I got one on JT's second day of the both of them. Devin is doing ok in school and we are all very excited about the teachers he got. They all seem to really care about their students' education and that makes a mom VERY happy. We also attended a wedding of our good friends which was bittersweet since they moved away after the wedding. JT was totally dancing it up at the reception and I was really proud of him!

In September JT's school was finally finished and is just gorgeous. State of the art EVERYTHING! He got a really great teacher as well and I'm still trying to get to know her (without being a total pest) but she's a little more distant than his teacher last year so I'm trying desperately to find that happy place where I can help him with what's going on at school without driving his teacher nuts. So far I'm very pleased with her. He had his homecomming game last night and we attended, we lost, but our team played really hard and we were proud of them. :) Before the game we went to the Pueblo Chili & Frijoles Festival andwalked around and bought some junk... fun junk. ;) The beginning of the month held Labor Day and we were blessed with a visit from our good buddy Candyman. We went to the State Fair and the Hot Air Balloon Classic. The Fair was a blast, but the Balloon Classic was a dud.

Charlotte moved back to Alamosa for the semester so that she can finish up a non-licensure bachelors degree. Not sure what that means... but any bachelors degree is better than no bachelors degree at all! Charlotte's girlfriend Melissa got a job doing seasonal work at night for Toys R Us. ...I think Michael's a little jealous. lol! :)

Emma's back in school full time as well and since her hours at the zoo have decreased she and Sam have taken a job back at Del Taco. She rececieved a settlement from the car accident they were in and paid her tuition off for the semester. Ineed to say how beautiful Emma is looking lately! So proud of her gorgeousness! :)

Zac is still living with us, but has promised to have his own place by Halloween so he's got about 4 more weeks to make those arrangements and I'm excited for him. One of the rites of passage to adulthood is your own place and taking care of your own needs. :) I hope he lets me bring him the latest recipes we try!

We released the ducks at a local park and they seem to have found their place in the world. We're getting about 3 eggs a day still from the chickens who are picking on eachother and driving Michael crazy. That's all I can think of for now so I'm gonna let y'all (lol... probably like 3 people actually even look at this!) And I'll try hard to post soon for all you folks that didn't know all this from fb. And for those who don't have fb... WHY DON'T YOU HAVE FACEBOOK! Blogs would be obsolete if you would all just get FaceBook! :) Hope to hear from you all soon! I mean that!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ok, oops, now JULY is half gone! The summer is half gone! WTHeck!

Above: zoo... Below: Renaissance Festival

Below: Rockledge Ranch

Things here are fine. We have been to the Renaissance Fair 3 times (LOVE IT!), we've gone to Rockledge Ranch & have our nephew staying with us while he looks for work so he can relocate to the springs. Spent the 4th with Charlotte & Emma and a friend. Attended birthday parties, dinners, went to the library and spent a day in Ft. Collins (northern part of Colorado) with Michael's father and brother and their families. We went to the zoo, and an adoption agency reunion. Left to right and back to front: Mason Reed, Mike Reed Sr., Michael E. Reed, Daniel, Caullin, Shelby, JT & Devin. Ft. Collins 7-9-11

We adopted 2 ducks! Anaheim and Mighty. They were found abandoned in a window well with 2 dead siblings. Our friends called from their veterinary hospital and explained how we HAD to take them. lol. (video below... if the upload worked.) One of our 6 chickens... is NOT a chicken. So we are looking for a home for the Cock-a-doodle-doo head. We don't want him to become dinner since he's such a tame bird. Here he is with Mr. Winston... both sitting on Michael's lap in the dinning room....

I joined a new gym... LifeTime Finess. I haven't actually made it yet with the lack of a r
outine. The summer is so spontaneous with so many "abnormal" activities going on. I'm looking forward to starting back since I've gained about 15 pounds back... ugh. I have been cleaning 2 houses (other than my own) to make ends meet... I'm tutoring a deaf boy and I'm teaching sign language to a friends daughter. It makes the time fly by! However the stress I've been under is making me eat like a pig. It's a miracle I haven't gained more weight back than I have!

Below party pictures...

It's been super duper warm here this summer and we've only had rain in the last few days. That's about all the news there is.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

oops... June's half gone!

Well, I've been tutoring, teaching sign and cleaning houses to help make ends meet. It makes for a busy summer. We still haven't gotten the remainder of our tax return back and therefore have not been able to afford camping or any of the other fun stuff we usually do. We have 6 chickens now, the newest 2 are Americana pullets (Easter Egg Chickens.) They are very pretty and lay colored eggs. Their names are Henrietta and Esther. The coop is done and gorgeous and Michael has a small garden growing in grow-boxes out between the coop and the shed. Pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, peppers etc. I have not been eating well or exercising... summer always throws off my routine with hot weather and later evenings. I haven't given up though.

Devin is missing his best friend Avery who goes to his Dads every s
ummer, but enjoying playing with JT and the boy that I tutor. There are books to be read, Legos to be built and nerf gun fights to be had. Movies in the evening that are not "just" on weekends are an added bonus on some summer nights as well.

JT LOVES his friend coming for tutoring and and they then play the rest of the day. I've also taken them to the Childrens Museum in Denver and took
my boys to a couple other museums as well. We hit the Nature & Science Museum in Denver which was a wonderful and exhausting day. Lots to be learned and fun to be had learning it!

Michael is still taking great care of the Chickens and he was able to treat us to seeing the Circus and the Renaissance Festival this month. The circus was ok... the Renaissance Festival is one of Devin and I's favorite things to do. We got coupons that made it affordable and even though we had to leave without a single purchase it was still a blast to walk around and see the sites. JT enjoyed his first Renaissance Festival as well. He liked the costumes and the jousting as you can see from the light in his eyes.

We also attend small community events such as below, the PBS Fun Fest downtown. JT took a picture here with Curious George. Michael built a bird house with JT as well. A little overkill...but a lot of fun for them both. That's about it for now. Hopefully I can blog another short one in a couple of weeks. :/ Sorry for the delay and thanks to my buddy Duane for reminding me!